Master Barber | Owner

Over 20 years of experience. Photography & Mountain Biking fiend. Music lover.  Enjoys taking long walks off of short piers, running with scissors and teaching German Shephards how to bark in French. Fantasizes about

  Denzel Washingtion beating up LeBron James in a dark Miami alley and

  Rhonda Rousy putting Mayweather in a triangle chokehold.  

Favorite Barber Tool:  My Hands


Wife to Rome, Mom to GC & Gio, Shop Manager

Over 20 years of experience with making people smile, laugh, and feel welcomed. Make-Up Artist by trade.  Enjoys watching Rome change dirty diapers and cooking for her family.

Favorite Actor:  Michael Ealy

Favorite Athlete:  Derek Jeter ( more like her man crush)

Favorite Barber Tool:  Blow Dryer

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Master Barber | Shave Specialist

Over 15 years experience.  Mechanics and Mountain Biking enthusiast.  Loves turtles. Raised by a blind Mountain Lion . Enjoys twisting his locks and wearing Speedos while watching Fab Life, and wrestles alligators every other Sunday at the local casino. Fantasizes about 

Marky Mark & 

Leonel Messi going head to head in an thumb wrestling match 

Favorite Barber Tool:  Hanzo Samurai Sword (this is a real tool folks, ask him about it)

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Master Barber | Shave Specialist

Over 10 years of experience.  Harley Davidson Mechanic/Enthusiast, Makes his own Buck Shot Beard Balm and Oils (which we proudly carry) and trains kangaroos how to box, on his off time. Don't let his country accent fool you....this man can chop it up with the best of them. Favorite Tool: Barber Chair (because you can't cut hair without it)

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Master Barber | Shave Specialist

Joe has over 20 years of experience with men’s hair and specializes in natural afrocentric women’s hair.  He is a comedian by trade, and once beat up Wayne Brady after a show, for stealing one of his jokes.   Favorite actor is Cedric the Entertainer from Barbershop, and it’s not only because he looks like him, but  because he looks like him.  Favorite tool:  The blow dryer   Favorite haircut:  The Republican  Favorite Song:  Total Eclipse of The Heart by Bonnie Tyler  (yes, looks are deceiving)

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Master Barber & Shave Specialist

Charlie has over 5 years of experience with all traditional and new school men’s hairstyles.  He’s best known for his role as an extra in the movie Major League with Charlie Sheen.  He played the guy who never got a chance to be on set with Charlie Sheen in the movie Major League.  Favorite Actor:  Charlie Sheen  Favorite Barber Tool:  The Barber Apron  Favorite Show:  American Ninja Warrior  (because he’s down low training to be a Ninja one day)

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Cosmotologist | Barber & Shave Specialist

Over 5 years of Cosmetology and Barber experience.   Aly’s superpower is turning grey skies to rainbows.  She once made a dragon spit out skittles.  Her favorite actor is the nice chic from Mean Girls.  Favorite Color:  Pink on Wednsday’s  Favorite Barber Tool:  Fast Feed Clippers

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