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Our Story

There was a time when the barbershop was more than just a place to get a haircut and shave; it was the hub of the community -- a place where people came together to socialize, bond and exchange ideas....and since February 2014, GC Miami Barbers Shaving & Grooming Co.  has been that hub for the Palmetto Bay community 


This is the place where you can walk in at any given moment, and see your neigbor or co-worker sitting in the chair next to you;  this is the place where you build a bond with your barber, so strong that he becomes top five on your Christmas list; this is the place where you come to "decompress" and relax on the barber chair, while your barber shares a laugh with you, or just listens while you vent about the awful Miami traffic.  This is the place, that doesn't bombard you with gimmicks....this is the place that respects you and cares about your grooming needs.  Because we understand that when you LOOK GOOD, you FEEL GOOD...and we're commited to doing just that!


 Our goal is simple: To provide you with a quality, professional, gimmick free experience.  


We are a band of Barber Brothers who have dedicated our lives

to enhacing yours.  Our skills reach beyond the barber chair.  We are Counselors, Teachers, Friends, Family & experts of our craft.